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BSAA is a theological accrediting association formed in 2002 which accredits only those schools that hold to and teach sound traditional biblical principles and doctrines in accord with traditional Baptist beliefs and uphold the authority and accuracy of the King James Version of the Bible in English or comparable foreign language translations of God's Word from the Majority Text.  Schools accredited by this agency must be under the authority of a local Baptist Church or a group of Baptist Churches.

Accreditation from the BSAA is not meant to take the place of, nor is it meant to be compared with, secular accreditation.  The purpose of the BSAA is to assure the Churches that hold to traditional Baptist bible doctrines that the schools accredited by us do indeed teach those doctrines that are in accord with their own Baptist Church's traditional biblical beliefs.

Because of some concerns expressed to us, we want to make our stand perfectly clear.  We are not a secular accreditation we are strictly a theological accreditation and we do recommend that the schools of the BSAA go on to seek secular accreditation to establish their place in academia at large as educational institutions.

BSAA has been formed specifically because the accrediting agencies currently operating do not require traditional Baptist biblical standards from the schools that they accredit.

The Bible tells us:
Amos 3:3 "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

    Many have strayed from the faith.  And because of that widespread straying, the need has been made clear that those holding to traditional Baptist biblical doctrines and the authority of the Received Text and the Bibles, such as the KJV in English, the Old Valera in Spanish, the Old Lutheran in German, and other translations taken from the Received Text, can no longer walk hand in hand with those who have thus strayed.  Therefore, the BSAA has been formed to give those holding to the Old Book and the plain doctrines taught in it a place where we can "walk together" and "be agreed" and separate, and differentiate, ourselves from those who no longer hold to the plain truths of God's Word as we understand them.  We have bound together to form a body with which to present ourselves to the world as credible educators in the true Word of God, and as a group holding to what we believe to be the true doctrines of the Bible, and holding true to the commands in it to teach God's Word to the world.  To facilitate that command, for those schools who meet the sound spiritual and sound educational criteria demanded by God for the teaching of His Word, BSAA has been instituted to give them a place where they can be examined and approved by a group of their peers who also hold to the same spiritual and educational goals and thereby assure their students that they will receive a quality education and instruction in the true Word of God.


   Briefly, all schools seeking theological accreditation from BSAA must meet all of the spiritual and academic standards set forth by the BSAA.  To be certified as a quality institution of biblical education the school must certify it will maintain as its standard the Word of God and all of the teachings and doctrines thereof, pertaining to all matters of spirit, soul, and body, and their manifold relations to both God and man.

CERTIFICATION of Theologically Accredited schools:
    Currently those schools approved by BSAA receive a certificate of theological accreditation.

    Internationally, BSAA has theologically accredited colleges in the USA, Thailand, Samoa, Zambia, multiple colleges in Nigeria, several in West Africa, and in the Philippines, and India.  Graduates from our accredited colleges in the USA and abroad have had their degrees recognized, and accepted, by various governments including the USA, Nigeria, Zambia, the Philippines, Brazil, India, China, and others.

Study Centers:
Those schools theologically accredited by the BSAA are also certified to act as Study Centers for Salt Lake Baptist College/Salt Lake Bible College/UA online for purposes of tutoring the online students.

    If you would like for your school to be considered for theological accreditation by the BSAA, please do the following.
1. Read the Requirements for Accreditation/Study Center: click HERE
The requirements are the same for Accreditation as they are for approval as a Study Center.
   Close that form to return to this page to continue the process.

2. After you have read the agreement, contact us through the following link if you have any further questions: Contact us

3. Submit Application form: After you have read the Agreement, you may submit an Application form. Click HERE

List of Theologically Accredited Schools/Study Centers

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